Your Company Needs a Database App

Not sure if your company needs a custom database app?

It does, and here’s why

For many people, the word database evokes either a simple spreadsheet-like grid listing text and numbers in a predetermined sequence or, an intimidating, NASA-like armada of machines that look as if they could possibly take over the world.

While that can be an accurate snapshot of how some data is organized, modern database apps paint a whole new picture.

To today’s user, a custom database app performs like a friendly, intuitive “website” that happens to kick butt when it comes to complex calculations, data organization and retrieval, report generation, processing, and information sharing. Built specifically for each company’s needs, data systems like FileMaker have revolutionized the way businesses of all sizes improve their workflow.

That’s why the number of small to medium size businesses that use a custom database app has grown significantly in the last five years.

For those who still find the idea of a custom database daunting, you might be surprised to learn that relying on Excel, Google Drive, and a stack of file folders on your desk is way scarier.

Companies find that their productivity, security, accuracy, and overall communication have vastly improved with a custom DB, and the investment is more than cost-effective.

Here are a few more points to consider when considering a custom database app:

It has superpowers.  A custom DB is faster than humans and can solve much more complex problems than office software programs.

  • It has superpowers. A custom DB is faster than humans and can solve much more complex problems than office software programs. The data you need, when you need it.  Gives authorized users easy access to data from both computer and mobile devices.
  • It protects your information. FileMaker uses industry-standard protections to keep your data secure and allows you to control who has access to what.
  • You can vault it.  Keep your records as long as desired and all but prevent important data loss.
  • It goes with the flow. Data can be shared between departments if desired, improving communication and cooperation.
  • Reports! Customized algorithms can be built into your database for more intuitive and analytical reports contingent upon your needs.
  • It plays well with others.  Users can upload existing Excel files and PDFs, output data to programs like QuickBooks or link to website content, if needed.
  • It can be HR and AR’s BFF. Your custom DB can assist departments such as Human Resources and Accounting by securing personal data, calculating time records and payroll, managing invoicing, automating balancing sheets, etc., for a more accurate and streamlined process.
  • It can boost your CRM (Customer Relationship Management Features can be built into a custom DB to provide your sales and marketing teams with analytics, feedback solutions, and communication tools like eBlasts to keep your company on the vanguard.
  • You grow, it grows.Your custom system can process and retain information almost without limit, and new features can always be added as your needs expand.

These days it’s no longer just about being automated, but about how to make advanced technology work for Reach Technology Group knows that your business is unique, and we believe in crafting software solutions specific to each and every client’s individual needs.

Ready to take the first step? Let’s get started.