Claris Connect

Claris Connect is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows you to automate your everyday business tasks and procedures. How many applications do you use to run your business? What if you were able to bring all your everyday apps together, including all your FileMaker Apps, to build workflows that are completely automated through software integration?

Software Integration is the process of making all your applications share information automatically in a robust, dependable way. We can create workflows that connect to the cloud and local apps. We can manage leads from sales, track customer orders, manage inventory, check on deliveries, and so much more all from one place!

Reach Technology Group has over 25 years’ experience developing on the FileMaker platform. We are excited to be offering the new Claris Connect to our clients as a tool that will efficiently cut costs through automated tasks and processes. With Claris Connect, you’re not working harder; you’re working smarter than ever before.

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Claris Connect Developer

The advantages to automated workflows are endless. Reach Technology Group is uniquely qualified to effectively provide solutions and training for yourt staff that will work for you to save time and money through application integration.


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We Make it work for you

Reach Technology Group develops custom software solutions for its clients, developing tailored database or management systems and integrating them with existing infrastructure or peripheral systems.  We make data systems specifically for you, and/or link your existing systems together.  We believe in crafting software solutions specific to each and every client’s individual needs, not in cookie cutter solutions; though we can build from templates when appropriate and pass the savings onto our clients.  Our senior developers have a minimum of 25 years of individual experience in development, while most of our other in house developers have at least 10 years of experience each.