Google’s Search Network

Paid Search on Google’s Search Network

For almost 20 years, Google AdWords has been evolving into an exceptional advertising platform. In the right hands, Google AdWords can be your most valuable advertising channel.

Our team has built and optimized thousands of pay-per-click campaigns. We are Google Certified Adwords Professionals and stand ready to apply that knowledge to make your campaigns successful. Testing is key! Reach Technology Group will work to achieve highest conversion rate at lowest cost by continually testing:

• unique value propositions

•   calls to action

•   image effectiveness

•   incentives

•   trust statements

Advantages to Paid Search

Speed: We can have your ad at the top of Google earning conversions in as little as a few days.

Measurable: We collect data on who clicks your ad and if they convert to a customer. This gives you a real cost per conversion metric that allows you to measure return on investment.

Large Ads: Google allows us double headlines, long descriptions and links to other parts of your website. These large ads can sometimes take almost the entire screen on a mobile device.

Click-To-Call: Google ads that feature click-to-call allow us to place a clickable phone icon in the ad making it very easy for searchers to ring your phone

our Team

We Make it work for you

Reach Technologies Group develops custom software solutions for its clients, developing tailored database or management systems and integrating them with existing infrastructure or peripheral systems.  We make data systems specifically for you, and/or link your existing systems together.  We believe in crafting software solutions specific to each and every client’s individual needs, not in cookie cutter solutions; though we can build from templates when appropriate and pass the savings onto our clients.  Our senior developers have a minimum of 25 years of individual experience in development, while most of our other in house developers have at least 10 years of experience each.

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